Day 2 The Field Museum, Wrigley Field

We were on our way by 8 am and headed for downtown Chicago. The miles were uneventful until we hit traffic in Chicago – which was by far the worst on our trip. We probably lost a half hour in the last 2 miles or so. I dropped the family off at Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria and I drove around the corner to The Chicago Hilton and checked us in while they ordered. We had great deep dish there with enough leftover for lunch in the car the following day. (A cooler in the car was very helpful on this trip).

We walked back to the hotel and lugged our stuff up to a beautiful room overlooking Lake Michigan. We could even look down on our next destination – The Field Museum. The Hotel itself is its own destination, with a storied history we googled in the car the next day. Among many other movies, it is featured in the final scenes of Harrison Ford’s The Fugitive.

We chose the Field Museum based on reading about Chicago’s many museums and checking reviews on Trip Advisor. It was a 15 minute walk from the hotel through Millennium Park. I had learned just a few days earlier that the Grateful Dead were performing their final 3 concerts – ever – in the park over July 4th weekend. Meaning, the final concert was the night before were visited. The park clearly looked like it had been overrun by deadheads with just their garbage and junk remaining. A few of them were still congregated in small groups. The funny sight was the “rich” deadheads we saw checking out of the posh Chicago Hilton.

Once inside the museum, we toured the Egyptian and evolution exhibits, posed with T-Rex and Yoda dressed as a Native American. We skipped the Imax films and paid exhibits, keeping our visit to about 2 ½ hours. We then strolled back the hotel to rest and freshen up for our journey on the “L” out to Wrigley Field.

We had purchased our tickets online in March when they became available. Now were onboard the train on our way, surrounded by 2/3 Cubs fans and 1/3 Cardinals fans, and they all seemed to get along just fine.

We got the obligatory photo in front of the marquee where it was packed and then filed into our seats to enjoy a nice game. Cub’s pitcher Jon Lester recorded his first career hit after 10 years and 67 lifetime ABs. The score was 0-0 into the 7th but the Cardinals pushed 2 across and then finished them off with 4 more in the 9th. We left after the 7th inning-stretch as heavy rain was imminent.   The kids had had enough, and we didn’t want to be left standing in the rain waiting for the train

Full photo tour available at :


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