Day 4 Badlands, NP

We continued west on I-90 and of course began seeing the funny signs for Wall Drug, which friends insisted we stop at.   First though, we visited Badlands, NP where we went spent about 5 hours, including a nice lunch at the Cedar Pass Lodge near the park entrance.   We bought a 1 year National Park Pass for $70 that would get us into all of the remaining national parks on the trip and then followed the 30 miles park road stopping at many of the overlooks along the way. Each was spectacular in its own way and several offered short easy hikes and climbs that the younger kids loved.

Around 3 pm, we headed north to get back to I-90 and experience Wall Drug. Another tourist trap, but this one is worth the hype. It’s sort of a clean, mid-western, version of the famous South of the Border on I-95. This one is much better.

Another hour to Rapid City and we stopped at Target to restock the van. We then headed south to Keystone, South Dakota and our great hotel, the K Bar S Lodge. It is a beautiful place. Our room’s front door faced straight out to Washington’s profile. We spent two nights here, so we unpacked the car completely for the first time.

We had a pretty bad dinner at the Powder House Lodge around the corner and then headed over to Mount Rushmore National Monument to see the evening lighting ceremony. We enjoyed it very much, but I have to admit that in my head, there was going to be fireworks and I kept waiting for them to go off. I realized afterwards that fireworks would probably burn the forest down and that I have been to Disney World too many times.

Full photo tour available at :


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