Day 6 Devil’s Tower, the road to Yellowstone

We hit the road early, after another delicious warm breakfast at the K-bar, and headed for Devil’s Tower National Monument in Wyoming. The monument was made famous in the Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounter’s of the Third Kind and we had the kids watch it during the two-hour drive. They didn’t seem to be that impressed. We chose to drive US-385 through Deadwood instead of going back through Rapid City to I-90.

We arrived and enjoyed the 1-mile hike around the base. We could see tiny specs climbing the walls and our Katie vowed that one day she would return with her friends to make the climb to the top.

We pushed on from there, back on I-90 across Wyoming, exiting to cross over Big Horn National Forrest just as a small thunderstorm met us from the west.   The steep windy roads definitely made us nervous.

We crossed the eastern border of Yellowstone NP around 6 pm and made our first stop at the Lake Butte Overlook for photos. We ate dinner at the Lake Lodge Cafeteria and than continued north on the Loop Road to our cabin in Canyon Village where we would stay for 3 nights. Along the way, we saw our first elk and got happily stuck in our first “Bison Jam.”

We finally arrived at Canyon Village to and meet my parents and brother Eric and his family. This ended the first phase of our trip: The Road Out.

Full photo tour available at :


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