Day 8 Yellowstone Falls and Hayden Valley

We tried a full breakfast at the Canyon Lodge Dining Room since we had a little more free time.   We then shuttled vans to each end of the South Rim Trail so we could hike it in just one direction. We followed the trail down river past the Upper and Lower falls and also climbed down the famous Uncle Tom’s Trail to the base of the Lower Falls. Of course going down was easy. Climbing back up the 328 steps was a good workout.   We pushed on from there to Artist Point for a nice family photo and were then glad we had a van waiting for us in the lot.

We drove back to Canyon Lodge for promised ice creams and then checked out the excellent Visitor’s Center. It has a great profile map of the entire park with explanations of the roll of the shifting tectonic plates on its formation. David and cousin Daniel started work becoming Junior Park Rangers, which became one of the trip highlights, and an obsession.

After a little down time back in the cabins, we tried dinner at the Canyon Lodge Dining Room.   I tried my first Bison Burger and loved it.

We drove south into the Hayden Valley for sunset and caught a singular bison swimming across the Yellowstone and then a mother and cub Grizzly bear playing in a meadow a few hundred yards away. They were easy to spot because traffic on the Grand Loop Road had come to a near stop. We then moved on to explore the Mud Volcano Area before the sun finally went down for the night.

Full photo tour available at :


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