Day 10 Old Faithful Geyer Basin

We had a quick breakfast in the Snow Lodge Grill and the hurried over to catch another viewing of Old Faithful, this time under a beautiful blue sky. Again, we were part of a sparse crowd.

We rented bicycles from the bike shop in our hotel and set out to explore the many other spectacular geysers in the immediate region. A bike was the best way to do this as the moderate distances would have worn out the little ones on foot. Everyone rode except cousin Vincent, who got to ride behind his father in a trailer.

Among the many we saw, Morning Glory was everyone’s favorite. But the different exotic landscapes where all amazing.

After about two hours of riding, we turned in the bikes and grabbed lunch in the Old Faithful Lodge Cafeteria and then stepped out to watch the famous geyser one last time. This time, a crowd of several thousand had gathered. They had come by the busload. It looked like a major sporting event.

We quickly got back on the Grand Loop Road and headed east towards Yellowstone Lake where we spent the night in cabins at the Lake Lodge. We had another fancy dinner at the Lake Hotel Dining Room. The décor was very nice and the food pretty good but the service was painfully slow.

After dinner, we strolled along the lake to grab ice cream at the General Store and then drove back out to the Lake Butte Overlook to catch sunset. Along the road out, near Fishing Bridge, I took my favorite photograph of the trip – almost by accident. Eric was driving us and as I peered out the tinted windows, I saw this:

Lake Butte is where we had first pulled over after entering the park 4 days earlier.

Full photo tour available at :


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