Day 12 Grand Tetons

Kim and I rose before dawn and snuck out to the hotel terrace to watch the first light illuminate to the Tetons.   We also spotted a mother and her calf Moose playing in the meadow below us, a few hundred yards out.   After a quick Starbucks breakfast, we all jumped in the rental van for a full day of exploring the park.

We made our way down the Teton Park Road, stopping at many of the turnouts for photos, until we reached Jenny Lake. We devised a plan to hike around the southern shore of the Lake, and then up to Inspiration Point. It was just enough hiking to wear out our young explorers. We splurged and took the boat ride back to our car.

We stopped for some delicious pizza at Dornan’s Spur Bar in the town of Moose where we sat outside on the patio with a view of the Snake River and the Tetons. We drove around the tiny town for a few minutes looking for Moose, without luck.

Headed north again on Rt. 89, we stopped at several more turnouts including one made famous by Ansel Adams for his photograph of the Snake River meandering in front of the Tetons. My favorite stop was an off road excursion to Mormon Row, a small collection of historic barns from the early 20th century. It’s a photographer’s dream.

Back at the Jackson Lodge, we had dinner at a Poolside Barbeque that was a good way to let the young kids run, play and swim while we all ate. The food was good and a live musician entertained with his guitar.   The retired ballplayer Chipper Jones was there with his family. As a Mets fan, I have to respect the guy, even if I spent a lifetime despising him.

After dinner we drove over to Oxbow Bend to look for animals and catch sunset. The sunset was great, but we were not so lucky with the animals.

Full photo tour available at :


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