Day 14 Rocky Mountain NP

We drove east on Rt. 40 and followed a bike race for miles. There were hundreds of them and we never did figure out who was in first place.   We climbed into the Rocky Mountain NP along Rt. 34 and immediately stopped at the Kawuneeche Visitor Center near Grand Lake. The next stop was the interesting Holzwarth Historic Site where we took a short hike, explored the dude ranch and saw another Moose and her baby up close – this time just a hundred feet or so away. We also met some great National Park volunteers who told us the history of the site.

We then drove up to the Alpine Visitor Center for lunch, and climbed up to the nearby summit at 12,005 feet. A very cold summer storm chased us off the top.

David earned his next Junior Ranger badge before we continued on. Just as we exited the park into Estes Park, we spotted a huge elk hanging out in someone’s backyard along the roadway.

We headed to our Holiday Inn Express in Fort Collins and then decided to grab dinner at Mimi’s (a family favorite) and catch the just released Minions at the local theater. Sometimes you have to let the kids have their day.

Full photo tour available at :


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