Days 15 & 16 Hutchinson, KS

We set out early for Kansas along I-70 and arrived in the late afternoon at my Uncle Tom’s home in Hutchinson. This was the first really hot weather we experienced on the road trip – it was 97 degrees when we arrived! My parents had flown in from Salt Lake City earlier in the day. We had a relaxing evening with our first home cooked meal in two weeks thanks to Tom and his wife Kyle.

The following day, Kyle had arranged a fantastic day at the local Cosmosphere – a unique and awesome space museum. We had a guided tour of the museum, including a close up look at the space capsule Liberty Bell 7, which famously sank when Gus Grissom’s hatch opened too early after landing on the ocean surface. It was retrieved almost 40 years later from the ocean floor and restored at the museum. We also got a behind the scenes look at the museum’s collection of authentic space suits, and a met with Jared of SpaceWorks, who showed us the company’s collection of Apollo rocket engines that had been recovered from the ocean floor. Jared works to clean and restore them.

After the museum we took a quick tour of the small town, dodging heavy thunderstorms that rolled through. Apparently, a tornado had passed through one week earlier.   Back at the house, Uncle Tom gave rides on his golf cart to the kids and we enjoyed another home cook meal.

Full photo tour available at :


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